Video Series Production

A video series is a fantastic way to keep an audience engaged over time. Companies often use them to show off a process or program characterized by different phases, levels, or branches. A video series can also be used to demonstrate case studies, client testimonials, or to unravel complex, interrelated topics — for example, the elements of a healthcare plan.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg! Motifmotion has also produced multi-chapter videos for healthcare training, biology, mathematics, and more.

Use a Video Series to Stay Top of Mind

No doubt about it, “flagship videos” are essential marketing tools. But the truth is, as the most effective marketing tool on the planet, video is best used as a long term digital strategy. By creating content in a style your audience will recognize over time, organizations can stay top-of-mind and build trust. 

Check out some examples from a series of case study videos produced for our client – The Judge Group.

Use a Video Series to Explain Related Topics

Organizations in the financial services, healthcare, education, organizations have lots of important messages to share. How can they reach consumers and explain complex information to an audience of lay-people? You guessed it, explainer videos!

We created this animated series to help students understand the complexities of financial aid at Lehigh University.

Create “Chapters” of Information

Video series are fantastic at communicating information in the same family of topics, that may not directly overlap. In this animated series we communicate several ideas about biological and medical processes.

Share “Bite Sized” Video Series Content

From a series of animated GIFs for social media or email marketing, to short animations for mobile apps, to company holiday or happy birthday messages — moving content is a great way to surprise and delight your viewers.

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