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Who we are

What we do is make videos and digital content for clients, but who we are is a small team of visual storytellers. We’re curious about your organization, what you’re great at, and what sets you apart.

Forgive us in advance if we ask a lot of questions — it’s how we make great content.

Our team has spent the past decade learning about organizations of all shapes, sizes and functions. Our passion is taking your message and shaping it into marketing content that takes you to a whole new level.

What’s in a name?

Motifs are images, ideas, sounds and stories that are used time and time again, to convey messages that resonate with the human condition. They help us construct meaning, form beliefs, and build narratives.

Motion represents the dynamic nature of our work. Through motion, interactivity, and dynamic design, our work stimulates the brain and helps the eyeball track unfolding stories.

Put together, Motifmotion is both a name and a mission. We combine classic and visual storytelling techniques with movement, creating a world before our viewers’ eyes.

Meet Us

motif motion founder gregor knell

Gregor Knell

Co founder, hat wearer

I’m a diehard learner. I love the challenge of picking up and becoming proficient at a new skill. I have a dozen years of marketing experience under my belt and I’m always looking for new ways to express an idea.

motif motion founder phil heusser

Phil Heusser

Co founder, hat wearer

I’m a sociologist by training with a particular interest in message framing, storytelling, and clear communication.
I believe in respect for viewers’ intelligence, targeted messaging, and elegant picture painting.

motif motion content and communication specialist barbara lasic

Barbara Lasic

Director of Partnerships

Barbara heads up partnership and sales development at Motifmotion. With a background in HigherEd admissions, Division I athletics recruiting, and career counseling, Barbara loves people more than Motifmotion loves animations. And that’s saying something!

Ash Davis

Project Manager

Many moons ago Ash was Motifmotion’s very first intern. Today, they are a project manager guru, taking videos from the womb to their final resting place (you know…the internet). Ash also develops storyboards, guides artists, and works with Motifmotion team members on a range of internal projects.

motif motion art director jelica kutlesa

Jelica Kutlesa

Art Director

Jelica is a Munich based art director, graphic designer, illustrator and all around artistic guru (editors note – she’s too humble to say that, so we are saying it for her). With a portfolio of work as breadthy as it is depthy, she’s led branding efforts for companies across Europe.

Visual Storyteller Production Values

content is king in visual storytelling icon

Content is king

It’s always about the message. Whether it’s a video, website, an application or an interactive communication piece, the message informs every decision we make. This includes how we approach market targeting, design and development, tone, and execution.

presentation is part of the product in visual storytelling icon

Presentation is part of the product

While the message itself is the most critical consideration, how it’s packaged and presented is key to ensuring the audience understands and processes it. People want experience when they learn.

context is crucial in visual storytelling icon

Context is crucial

Where, when, why, how, and other surrounding circumstances impact how well the idea is perceived and received by viewers.

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