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What sets Motifmotion apart from most creative studios is a unique focus on dynamic, moving content. From animated explainer videos, to digital campaigns, to interactive web tools — the content we produce moves on screen and moves viewers to action.

That’s why we offer an array of complimentary marketing services, in addition to animation.

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Animated Video Production

Animated videos are our bread and butter! We’ve been producing them for over a decade. There are many reasons an organization might want to have one, but all explainer animations have one thing in common: they are made to solve communication problems.

Personalized Content Marketing

1 to 1 communication is the future of audience engagement. We’re a forward thinking agency, empowering our clients to connect with their audience members as individuals, rather than statistics. And we offer several ways to do it!

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Infographics and Data Visualization

Creating an elegant infographic is like taking a loose pile of puzzle pieces and reconstructing them into a picturesque landscape. When a story is filled with complicated information or interrelated concepts, infographics are powerful communication tools.

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SEO Services

Picture this. A consumer is searching the web — seeking the exact product or service your company already provides. She types a few keywords into Google and scrolls down on the first page of results. Lo and behold, there your company is. She explores your website and quickly contacts you. Sound too good to be true? It’s not — it’s just great SEO!

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Additional Services

Motifmotion offers full stack development and web design, working in close collaboration with companies to create a website tailored to your target audience. We also create innovative online tools — from custom splash pages, to interactive tools, to dynamic, moving content.

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