Professional SEO Services

A dictionary definition of SEO will tell you it’s all about optimizing your website’s design, content and structure; making it appealing to search engines. This is technically true, but Google’s algorithms aren’t humans, and they won’t be purchasing your services and products. The true goal of SEO is to create engaging web content that resonates with your audience members first; and is built upon a foundation of “technical” SEO scaffolding second. Professional SEO services will maximize the chances of your target audience finding you, having a smooth experience, and being engaged.

SEO Web Design and Development

Whether designing a website from the ground up, or working to improve an existing site, our team leverages a range of professional SEO services and strategies to grow your online presence and expand your audience. An effective website is elegantly designed, sensibly organized, clearly written, and keyword focused. SEO web design and development is part quantitative, part qualitative, part intuitive…and all awesome!  

SEO Copywriting Services

In the eyes of Motif Motion’s digital marketing nerds, SEO copywriting is a beautiful thing. It’s a synthesis of art (i.e. expressive, concise writing) and “science” (i.e. keyword, audience, and competitor research). The synthesis occurs when we weave optimal keywords into engaging writing. Our full suite of SEO copywriting services includes:

  • Niche market research
  • Target audience research
  • Message strategy development
  • Keyword identification and analysis
  • Copywriting and natural keyword integration

SEO Blog Writing

We couldn’t boast professional SEO services if we didn’t offer professional blog writing! Motif Motion’s blog writing services include everything from blog design, to topic research, keyword integration, article writing, and image creation/implementation. Our team writes on a variety of subjects, carefully fashioning titles, introductions, “hooks,” body text, and actionable conclusions.

Website Optimization Services

There’s an old saying in sports about players who are always getting injured: “The best ability is availability.” Your players can have all the natural talent in the world, but if they are constantly hobbled, your team isn’t gaining much from having them around. Something similar is true for websites. A website can be beautifully designed, with excellent copy and keywords. But if its technical aspects are compromised — or worse, completely broken — search engines won’t register it effectively, and you’ll never have a chance of being discovered through organic SEO. To this end, our professional SEO services include:

  • Implementing schema markup
  • Fixing crawl errors
  • Ensuring your site is mobile friendly
  • Fixing broken links
  • Securing your site
  • Resolving loading speed issues

…and more.

Professional SEO Services and the Future

Search engines like Google and Bing are far from static entities. Every year, their engineers are tasked with creating a more personalized, higher quality search experiences for users. Increasingly, they do this with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Because the nature of SEO is always changing companies must pay careful attention to the latest trends, always being ready to adapt. Having a creative team on call who offers professional SEO services can certainly help!

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