Social Media Animations

Social media is a digital marketer’s dream come true. It’s a virtual coffee shop where billions of people go to hang out, socialize and explore. Meanwhile, for the past two decades, video has been the single most effective tool in the digital marketer’s kit. That’s why one of Motifmotion’s specialties is creating social media animation campaigns.

We call these animations “social media sizzlers.” They are 10-30 second long, and are made to keep your brand top of mind — usually via an ongoing “drip campaign.” This engagement can take many forms.

Check out a few examples below!

Engage Your Audience

Motifmotion creates giggle-inducing social media content designed to surprise, delight and engage audiences.

As part of an ongoing series with the Philadelphia convention and visitors bureau, we create 20-35 second “sizzler” animations to help keep PHLCVB’s brand top of mind during the difficult economic times caused by COVID-19.

Read more about the series here!

Share actionable information

You wouldn’t turn on your TV just to watch the commercials, would you? That’s because viewers don’t tune in for your ads. They tune in to be engaged! Good marketing departments understand this, and they prioritize content that offers their audience true value. Sometimes this value comes in the form of humorous content. More often, it comes from useful information from which viewers can actively benefit.

Our “storm tips” series with PECO demonstrates how this works for a social media campaign. Quick. Engaging. Valuable.

Bolster your brand

Every organization can benefit from increased brand awareness. This is especially true of companies offering services that may not immediately be clear to the layperson. Increased brand awareness can take many forms. In this example, we animate “Did You Know” factoids, to help educate our clients’ audience about their services.

The Future of Social Media Animations

Effective eLearning examples are all over the internet. However, they are usually only accessible via private portals, by way of subscriptions and memberships. Here are a few types of eLearning projects Motifmotion has worked on.

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