Non Profit Video Production

Non profits, NGO’s and other social movement organizations can benefit from using non profit video production in many ways.

From engaging an audience, to communicating goals clearly, to reaching new supporters — video can be a multi-faceted game changer.

Uses for non profit video range from “flagship” mission statement animations, to case study videos, to fundraising videos and more.

Non Profit Video Storytelling

There is perhaps no field in the world that can benefit more from effective digital storytelling than non profits.

Storytelling is the most ancient form of communication. Before the emergence of written language, legends and myths were passed down from one generation to the next — inspiring, teaching life lessons, and offering consolation in times of grief. As a result, when humans see and hear good stories, their neural activity responds. They imagine themselves as participants in the journey, rather than distant observers.

When viewers feel part of a mission, they are more likely to donate time, energy, and financial resources to a cause they believe in.

Non Profit Case Study Videos

Non profit case study videos are designed to demonstrate social impact. When potential supporters are deciding which nonprofits to support, understanding the tangible impact of their donation dollars and volunteer hours is key.

Likewise, when seeking grants for new projects,the ability to demonstrate program efficacy is critical. Non profit video production can be a powerful tool to meet these ends.

Fundraising Video Production

Fundraising video production is used to attract donors, make funding requests, and engage a cadre of supporters.

Fundraising videos are often released in the days and weeks leading up to an annual giving day, to announce a major initiative, or in response to a sudden need for funding.

Animated Video or Live Action?

When it comes to non profit video production, animation and live action video both come with advantages and disadvantages. Live action is great at humanizing organizations and creating connections. Animated video is better at telling stories and demonstrating social impact.

Both are excellent options for non profit video production, and mixed live action/motion graphic animations offer the best of both worlds.

Variations of Non Profit Storytelling

Video is the most effective digital approach to non profit storytelling, but it isn’t the only option. Non profit storytelling can also take the form of mission statements, written stories to supporters (through a blog or an email newsletter), infographics, branding, web design and more.

By sharing compelling narratives, nonprofits can use storytelling to connect supporters to their mission.

The Future of Non Profit Video Production

The future of non profit video production is in a word…bright!

Over the past decade, use of non profit video storytelling has reached new heights. As organizations continue to adapt to an increasingly digital world, non profit leaders must seek creative funding avenues, novel ways to engage supporters, and new missions for social change.

Non profit video production is sure to remain one of the most crucial tools in their toolbox!

motif motion non profit video production client testimonial

Motif Motion created an animated video for an annual program I am involved with at the United Nations in New York. The video was creative and engaging and helped us get our message across about what to expect at this annual event. It was also well received by staff at the UN. I would definitely work with Motifmotion again!

Dr. Robin Mama
Dean of Social Work, Monmouth University

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