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Motifmotion’s medical animations teach viewers, convert customers, and eliminate jargon.

We are a full process studio capable of handling everything from scriptwriting, to storyboard production, illustration, animation, and sound design.

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Samples from our healthcare work.

We create health insuranceproduct demohealthcare marketingmechanism of actionsocial mediamedical softwarehealthcare eLearningprogram overviewmedical researchmedical salesinstitutional branding


We create beautiful animations

We make the most difficult-to-explain products and brands feel like second nature.

Case study: educational overview animation series

A large medical and education hospital hired Motifmotion to create a 13 part series overviewing some of the world’s most popular health science careers.


Why medical animations?

Nothing matches an animation’s ability engage viewers and de-mystify complex information. We’ll tell your story and make it stick.

Case study: eLearning video content

Wolters Kluwer health — a medical publishing company, needed simple, clear animations to visualize biological and medical testing processes.


Medical animations portfolio


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