Environment Animation Production

Motifmotion creates environment themed animations for companies developing clean energy technologies, and organizations engaged in pro-environment political action.

Promises of future solutions (i.e. burn now, pay later) are no longer tenable. The world is out of time, and we must transition to clean technology solutions now.

Motifmotion believes that the path forward involves a healthy mix of technological innovation, political action, and social pressure — and that these efforts must be bolstered by extremely clear, engaging messaging.

We are interested in supporting the communication efforts of companies and organizations moving forward fast and unapologetically.

Why Environment Animations?

Environment animations work because they are designed to communicate the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. They are fantastic at synthesizing technology for lay-viewers and telling stories. Why? Because they allow us to paint a picture before a viewer’s eyes – much better than live video.

Types of Environmental Videos

There are many types of environmental videos. We aren’t Ph.D’s in environmental engineering, but we are experts at synthesizing and repacking complex messages. Whether it’s a technology explainer animation, a pitch deck video, or an awareness raising piece, we’re capable of creating something powerful.

Clean Energy Animations

Motifmotion creates animations describing, advancing, and promoting clean energy technologies. We’re interested in helping communicate messages around any and all promising technological advancements.

Solar Energy and Wind Energy Videos

In recent years, the average solar panel conversion efficiency has jumped from 15% to over 20%. These numbers are part of a growing trend — clean energy like solar and wind are becoming drastically more productive with every passing year.

Renewable Gas and Biofuel Videos

Most experts agree that transition fuels are necessary steps along the path to net zero emissions.

While they may not represent a permanent energy solution, transition fuels can help slow down rates of emission in the short term.

Carbon Capture Videos

Even in the best case scenario — if humanity steps up in unprecedented ways — merely lowering our carbon footprint will not be enough. Carbon capture technology is almost certainly needed to offset the worst effects of climate change. It has great potential, but many challenges remain.

Environmental Communication Videos

In addition to technical communication, Motifmotion also supports environmental awareness, fundraising, and social movement communication. The importance of education and political action cannot be understated.

Environment Marketing Videos

Environment animations need not be limited to technical explainer videos. They can also be used for marketing new technology, communicating with the public, and raising support for environmental initiatives.

Environmental Justice Videos

Non profits, social movement organizations, and political advocacy groups can all leverage animation to explain the urgency around key initiatives – informing and educating listeners.

Climate Videos

It’s impossible to solve a problem without understanding it first.

Key decision makers, stakeholders, and the general public must be able to grasp the nature of climate change in order to appreciate the magnitude of the problem.

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