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Politics, sports, food, business, the best museums in the world, and a whole bunch of electric scooters (like, literally everywhere) makes D.C. a tourist’s delight. At Motifmotion, we just call it our second home. Within the brick and mortar walls of our D.C. animation co-work space, we’ve collaborated on a range of animated videos for D.C., metropolitan D.C., and Maryland organizations.

Cybersecurity in Maryland

Most landing page animations are made to A., drive website visitors towards a specific action, or B., to provide a top-level, organizational overview.

This animation was made for the latter purpose! Sometimes, viewers need to understand the extent of a problem before they can begin planning a solution.

Cybersecurity is quite a relevant issue in Washington D.C. at the moment, and Motifmotion is here to help get the message out.

A Need for Cyber Security

Type: Landing Page Videos

Length: 1:52

Branding Animation

Type: Company Announcement

Length: 4:09

Brand Awareness in Washington DC

No matter where you’re located — Washington DC or anywhere else — brand awareness is crucial. In the event of a brand launch, or in the case of this animation, a re-brand announcement, animated video is an excellent way to spread the news.

“Motif Motion is a fantastically talented animation studio and a great partner. Our agency has worked with them on several animation shorts for our clients, and they always over-deliver, on-time, and within budget. Couldn’t ask for a better group to work with!”

Ben V.
Youth Marketing Connection

The Benefits of a Washington DC Animation Studio Partner

One of the reasons we focus on animated video (rather than live action video production) is because we can do it from anywhere. Still, many local organizations nevertheless prefer working with a Washington DC animation studio.

For one, it’s nice knowing your vendor has a reputation to maintain in the area, as do you. As an animation studio in Washington DC, our success is intertwined with yours.

Second, we’ve got our ear to the ground, and we’ve got a grip on DC demographics and target audiences.

Charitable Giving


Type: Tech Startups

Length: 1:47

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